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They have ears too (Ben)

Children often say things that show adult wisdom. “Out of the mouths of babes” we chuckle. But often we fail to realize the same intelligence that generates their words also interprets what they hear. As I’ve been studying teen and … Continue reading

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He’s still working on me? (Ben)

My brother, the famous Aaron Lee Hixson, has often told me that his favorite thing I’ve ever said was: “I’m a work in progress, but I won’t progress without work.” Frankly I’m surprised that it isn’t “I’ll let you live … Continue reading

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And all I wanted was some Sweet Tea (Ben)

So my time at “Safety Town” as a 4 year old paid off after all. One of my first experiences with law, safety, and phone numbers came from a place called “Safety Town” as a child in Sandusky, Ohio. I … Continue reading

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Aspirations (Ben)

Last week I attended a conference of sorts called “The Elephant Room.” An engaging and worthwhile experience, the day consisted of watching several prominent leaders from excellent churches discussing 8 issues debate style. The men that made up the group … Continue reading

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