Love Wins (Ben)

Since everyone out there is trying to get as much information and debate published as they possibly can… I have spent some time lately skimming some, enjoying others, and learning from the process.

Here are some links to the content that I most valued:

  1. Short TV interview spot. (humorous)
  2. Rob Bell interview about the Book. (over an hour long)
  3. Consise review of Love Wins by Tim Challies.
  4. Extended review of Love Wins by Kevin DeYoung (pdf)

Over the last several weeks, I have seen many different emotions expressed. The reaction that I have most appreciated was voiced not by a theologian (granted, I don’t converse with many theologians on a daily basis) but rather by a fast-food restaurant worker. As he learned of the content in Love Wins, he was visibly moved to sorrow. His only words: “I’m just sad, man. Rob is an influencial man… and thinking about the people he will mislead through this…”

There it is. Truth… but expressed by a heart that truly loves God and His mission. I respect a love for truth more than a the fight for it alone.

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